Florida's Oldest United Methodist Church with Sunday Services at 8:00am, 9:30am, and 11:00am

Youth Sunday

April 30th and July 9th
ICON Worship Service at 11:00am in Wesley Abbey

Christian Worship is at the center of everything we do at First Church. Every Sunday morning we gather together as a family of faith to acknowledge the holiness of God, hear God’s Word, offer prayers, and celebrate the sacraments of the Church. Worship can also be a great medium for learning. Through worship, we can learn more about theology, learn about the traditions of our faith, and we can also demonstrate what is an important to us as a church.

As a church, we understand how important it is for all ages to be involved in worship. That’s why our children’s choirs and youth choirs often sing during worship. That’s why our confirmands read scripture in our services and our youth serve as acolytes. When we involve all ages in worship, especially our children and youth, we are teaching them that their faith formation is important to us as a church. We are communicating that their voice and input matters. We are empowering them to be a vibrant part of our congregation.

Youth Sunday is an annual tradition that highlights the importance of involving all ages in worship. On Youth Sunday, which typically happens each spring at ICON, the youth lead every aspect of the service from preaching to sharing the children’s sermon, music, ushering, acolyting, scripture reading, and more. This year, as part of our 2017 focus on worship, we will be having an additional Youth Sunday during the summer. I encourage you to attend these services. Your presence in the congregation as the youth lead sends a powerful message that what they are doing is important.

The first Youth Sunday this year will be on Sunday, April 30th during the ICON service at 11:00am in Wesley Abbey. Braden Shumpert will be delivering the sermon. The Youth Praise band will lead us in music. Meryl Jones will serve as liturgist and Ben Spears will read scripture. Ellie Bauder will teach our children during the children’s sermon.

On Sunday, July 9th, the youth will lead for the second time this year at the ICON service. This service will be unique because it will include the music of Mumford and Sons led by the Youth Praise Band. Similar to the U2charist held every other year at ICON, this service will be a traditional eucharist service, but will weave in the spiritually themed music of Mumford and Sons in a way that communicates the salvation message. You won’t want to miss either of these services!

When we practice our faith through worship in a way that youth understand and can relate to, then they begin to put the story of the Gospel together. When we gather together as a church and allow the youth to lead, we illustrate to the youth how important worship is in the Christian community. On April 30th and July 9th, attend the ICON service and support our youth. Without a doubt you will be blessed and inspired by the future of First Church!